What's important:

A sustainable and modern boardinghouse in a historical environment

My understanding of sustainability in a modern boardinghouse

Enjoying to be a host I’ve been running the guest house from the beginning in 2011: Renting directly from private to city travelers, business travelers or visitors of the region or to offer a temporary home if needed.

All activities in both the renovation and running of the boardinghouse were and are aimed at sustainability and environmental friendliness, without any restrictions being necessary. The spectrum ranges from clay as both a traditional and natural and CO2-free building material, to “recycled” (reused) building materials in the best sense, to solar heat for heating support, solar power from the own photovoltaic system and green electricity from my combined heat and power plant. Energy-efficient lighting and laundry that is dried and ironed without electrical energy are also part of this.

It would be nice if you – privately or on business – feel comfortable during your overnight stay or longer stay in my small organic hotel. Like so far already numerous guests from more than 50 countries of this world.

Bernfried Kleinsorge