Tradition blended with modernity

Old building materials modernized

This guest house is a 250 year old former rural property. It consists of two halves, built at that time by two brothers. The building style is typical for the Rhine-Main region and now offers optimal conditions for our guesthouse.

In 2011 we have completely renovated and modernized the second half. All work in the course of the renovation was aligned with the principle of sustainability. So this house is now not only modern standard, but on top of that it is built with environmentally friendly materials and furnished in a healthy way.

In addition to the exposure of the old building fabric and the extensive use of clay and other natural building materials and natural paints, historic building materials (windows, doors, bricks) have been reused. The heating of the apartment is thermostatically controlled by clay wall heaters in the outer walls, which are at once best insulated at the same time.

The value of clay as a building material has been increasingly appreciated for several years. Seminars and international conferences promote the use of clay and are platforms for imparting the necessary knowledge.

Everything together guarantees an extraordinary room climate and thereby your well-being in the Boardinghouse, the “loam quarter” and small bio-hotel for your individual and furnished temporary living.

Terrace, courtyard and garden


As guests of the house, enjoy the different outdoor areas; for breakfast, dinner or a drink in the evening. Evening sun on the small roof terrace, shade in the green and flowery courtyard or cultivated ambience in the natural garden with its various seating areas.

Have you become curious? Then just come in and have a look around. The 360-degree perspective shows you what to expect:

Presentation und Virtual Tour

You’d like to see more? Welcome! We invite you to following us to a virtual tour through the whole house, with explanations to the details and backgrounds. (But only in German language.)

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